Examining Team Interaction using Dynamic Complexity and Network Visualizations

Given the increasing complexity of many sociotechnical work domains, effective teamwork has become increasingly crucial. While there is evidence that face-to-face communication contributes to effective teamwork, methods for understanding the …

A systematic investigation into team coordination breakdowns

Human Interaction and Networking Transitions System (HINTS) for Social User Analytics and Modeling of Offline Team Group Interaction Information

Examining Team Coordination Breakdowns in Crisis Situations

Training to Be a (Team) Scientist

In the early twenty-first century, many have lamented the lack of a sufficient scientific workforce capable of contributing to the modern knowledge-intensive economy. At the same time, others have noted the lack of a scientific workforce capable of …

Technology as Teammate: Examining the Role of External Cognition in Support of Team Cognitive Processes

In this paper we advance team theory by describing how cognition occurs across the distribution of members and the artifacts and technology that support their efforts. We draw from complementary theorizing coming out of cognitive engineering and …