Cybernetic Teams: Towards the Implementation of Team Heuristics in HRI


This paper examines a future embedded with “cybernetic teams”: teams of physical, biological, social, cognitive, and technological components; namely, humans and robots that communicate, coordinate, and cooperate as teammates to perform work. For such teams to be realized, we submit that these robots must be physically embodied, autonomous, intelligent, and interactive. As such, we argue that use of increasingly social robots is essential for shifting the perception of robots as tools to robots as teammates and these robots are the type best suited for cybernetic teams. Building from these concepts, we attempt to articulate and adapt team heuristics from research in human teams to this context. In sum, research and technical efforts in this area are still quite novel and thus warranted to shape the teams of the future.

Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality. Designing and Developing Augmented and Virtual Environments